Places that buy houses in Philadelphia

There are a few places that buy houses in Philadelphia, for cash. There are a few reasons these places, people or companies buy homes. Let’s say jenny needs to sell her home and she doesn’t want to deal with a realtor. Jenny then starts to figure out how she can sell this property and fast. She then realizes that there is a lot of work that needs to be done and the home is not in sellable or showable condition. Jenny has been talking to realtors at this point as a last resort and she does not want to pay a commission at all or sign any contracts.

Jenny seems at a loss and feels like she’s never going to get out of her home. This is when Jenny meets Greg, the wholesaler. Greg then reaches out to his book of investors and finds potential buyers who are willing to pay cash. Remember a wholesaler is the middle man and finds a buyer for the property through his network of investors from previous work.

Jenny realizes this is the best option for her as she needs to sell her home in the condition it is in. Greg finds an investor and his name is Paul. Greg found Paul in within the first day of networking, he then reaches out to Jenny and lets her know that Paul would like to give her an all-cash offer. Paul will also pay all fees and nothing will come out of Jenny’s pocket and buy the house in the as-is condition. Jenny sold her house within 20 days and is able to move onto bigger and better things. Jenny never had to repair anything in the house or do any staging.

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