How to get the best offer on your Philadelphia home

At 1800 Home Buyers, we will give you a fair and competitive offer to buy your house that will make it truly a “No Brainer” for you to pick 1800 Home Buyers over the Realtor® way. When we meet with you for your Free In-Home Consultation, we will actually show you a side by side comparison of how much you will NET by selling your house to us versus selling your home using a Real Estate Agent.

Sure, you may net a little bit more by going with a Real Estate Agent, but is it really worth it?

Look down below at an example of our aggressive home buying formula and you will see that on average, you typically only give up about 1% in NET proceeds to sell your house to us versus going with a Real Estate Agent.

Remember, with 1800 Home Buyers you get the Speed and Certainty of getting your house Finally Sold in just 10 days. Not to mention, how PRICELESS it will be for you to avoid all the stress, anxiety, and inconvenience of using the long and drawn out Realtor® way when selling your home.

When you add it all up, wouldn’t you rather have the Speed, Convenience and Certainty of 1800 Home Buyers instead?


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