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With 1800 Home Buyers we will NEVER ask you to make any Repairs to the home.

You see, unlike with the traditional Real Estate Agent Way, where the finicky retail home buyers will want you to make bunch of costly repairs prior to closing the deal, at Finally Sold, we will buy your house in it “As Is” condition. This will save you precious Time and Money, and eliminate a lot of Frustration.


Wow, imagine how nice it will be for you to find a home buyer like us to just buy your house where the only thing that you have to do to is just pack your bags and move out.

It doesn’t matter if you home needs minor touch ups, or even if it needs major remodeling. We have teams of contractors in place that can handle even the most difficult of situations.

Again, it’s not the Real Estate Agent’s fault that the seller winds up with a huge laundry list of repairs that the home buyer is demanding to be fixed. Rather it is just their entire system is inherently flawed. You see, when you take into account the egos of the buying and selling agents, the high emotions, anxiety and nervousness of both the buyer and the seller, the fact that the professional home inspector feels the need to justify his high fee for the inspection to the home buyer, the risk and lawsuit aversion mindset of the real estate agents’ brokers, and you find that volatile concoction creates the perfect storm for the home buyer to wind inevitably up asking you to fix each and every little thing that could be possibly wrong with your house.

This is yet another way that 1800 Home Buyers has revolutionized the home selling process by just buying your home “As Is”.

Yes, it really is that simple!!!

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