Companies that buy houses for cash

Companies that buy houses for cash, can quickly get you into a new home. If you are in a position where you can’t get out of your home and want to get into a new one these are the companies you should be looking for.

Investors love to buy homes cash as they see huge potential in the property and want to use it as an investment property, on the other hand, investors are looking to get the house for as cheap as possible to create very little overhead for them. They want to get the best deal so they can make the most profit. Sometimes when your home sits in an area where it has commercial potential, you will find it very difficult to sell your home to someone who wants to buy it for their family, on the other hand, if your location is prime enough you will get investors competing for the home. At this point, you may get a little more for your home and possibly close QUICK!

Wholesalers may be your best point of contact. A typical wholesale scenario looks like this: the wholesaler has a home under contract for 70k and estimates there will be 15K in repairs, once the repairs are done the home could potentially sell for 150k. The wholesaler will reach out to his Rolodex of investors and finds an investor who will purchase the home for 80k. he assigns the contract to the investor who has a profitable fixer-upper on his hands and the wholesaler makes 10k in commission without ever owning the home. Closings in wholesale can happen within 14 days if everything goes right.  Most wholesalers will give you an all-cash offer within 14 days and will almost guarantee that your home will sell and close within 30 days.

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