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Are you wondering “How To Sell My House Fast And Safely in Pennsylvania?

No problem! Don’t waste months trying to sell your house the slow FSBO or real estate agent way. Just contact the national home buyers at 1800 Home Buyers instead. We buy houses, and we can quickly and safely buy your home and close on it VERY FAST. In fact, since our funds are already in place to wire to the closing agent, we can typically close on your house in just 10 days.

1800 home buyers is all about putting the control back in YOUR hands where it belongs. So, if 10 days is too quick for you, then we can buy and close your house on the date of YOUR CHOICE. We will always let YOU call the shots!

Do you need to sell and close your house faster than 10 days?

No problem! We can usually make that happen.

Just let us know in advance and we can have your house escalated to our 1800 Home buyers and we can have the closing agent put yours first in the queue. Typically we will allow you to close the home in as little as 3 Business Days. And best yet, there is no extra charge for this program, because we always pay for ALL of the closing costs.

*** Some people think that it is impossible to sell their house fast and close a real estate transaction in just 10 days and that it must be some type of a scam. But what they do not realize is that the main reason other traditional home buying transactions take 30 to 90 days to close is primarily on account of funding.

Simply put, those other Home Buyers do not have the funds already in place and are either waiting to sell their own house first, or they have to go through the long and drawn out underwriting process to get a bank to approve their home mortgage.

However, since we are a “CASH” Home Buyer, it means that we have the money already sitting in our bank account, and we can wire the funds to the title company or closing agent at a moment’s notice. So, in essence, the only reason for taking 10 days is to give the closing agent enough time to thoroughly check out the home’s title history and make sure there are no hidden liens, judgments, or other defects that are clouding the title of the house. And if there are any title glitches, it will give them ample time to get them cleared up prior to closing.

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